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Donate non perishable food items, monetary donations.


Volunteer your time in the community.

Contact Us

                Call: 901-630-2821

     P.O Box 9035 Memphis, TN 38109

        CashApp: $seedsofhope4082

     Please leave information in note box

 Donating to help the development of the community is important. Especially in the South Memphis community. Memphis having an overall poverty rate of 26.9%, it is important for our youth to see positivity in the community. 

  More than half of the youth in the community are struggling everyday with worries of were the next meal will come from, or if they will have to experience any kind of set back due to their environment.


  Join us in planting Seeds of Hope in our Mid South communities. Please see our Opening Hours page for more details on designated times for food drives and packing. Please contact us with any donations or partnerships. Thank you in advance.  

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